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Nicotine Addiction and The Cure An Integrated Approach to Smoking Cessation is a guide on how to quit smoking that contains not only helpful hints but also real testimonials from people who have followed this path to the letter. After a detailed introduction on the origin of tobacco, the use of smoking and the growth of the tobacco and cigarette industry worldwide, with the consequent harmful effects on smokers and society, we move on to the spread of nicotine addiction and the treatment of smoking addiction. All data and experiences presented within the book are drawn from the author’s experience of running a smoking cessation clinic and his own study of over 35 years. In the smoking cessation clinic not only conventional medical treatments were provided, but also hypnosis and acupuncture for smokers who wanted to quit smoking.
The book also discusses the conventional approach to smoking cessation with medication, behavioural therapy, counselling and e-cigarettes along with an alternative approach to smoking cessation incorporating hypnosis and acupuncture.
The clinic’s project “An Integrated Approach to Smoking Cessation” was judged as one of the ten best projects in the UK by the Foundation for Integrated Medicine in 2001 and received a certificate of achievement from His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

Dr Mazhari came to the UK in the early seventies. He did rotational jobs in various disciplines as a Senior House Officer at Whipton and Heavitree Hospital in Exeter, North Ormesby Hospital, Middlesborough, New Cross Hospital, Ryde County Hospital and Whitecroft Hospital in the Isle of Wight. In between the jobs, he obtained a Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the School of Tropical Medicine Liverpool, Diploma in Paediatrics from the University of Dublin, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from the University of Sheffield and achieved Licence and a Certificate of Competence to practice Acupuncture from the North Western Academy of Acupuncture Liverpool. After completing his training, he moved to Durham to work as a General Practitioner in practice in a mining village in Chopwell.
In June 1982, he moved to Manchester to take over a single-handed practice in Clayton where he worked until his retirement in June 2017. It was here where he developed a special interest in smoking cessation and developed a smoking cessation clinic that uses therapies such as hypnosis and acupuncture. Besides being a GP, he is an accomplished poet, two of his books have been published in Delhi, India. He is a prolific writer, many of his articles have been published in various medical journals like Pulse, General Practitioner, Doctor, Med Economic and British Journal of International Doctors (BIDA).
Even in his retirement he keeps active in writing and reading, hence this book to share his experiences of smoking cessation.


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