NAG need a god – Colm Michael O’Driscoll

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Pages: 244
Language: English
ISBN 9791220139571

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Can the sight of a fly landing on a rock lead to the realisation of the ephemerality of existence? For Clem, it can. He is in his forties, he drives a taxi in Cork, and he lives in waiting: waiting to earn more money, waiting to finish his book of poems, waiting to move to Madrid – the promised land – where he hopes to open a bar and start living for real. And while he waits, he thinks. A lot.
Reading this book, we soon find ourselves floating in a complex stream of consciousness featuring cosmic journeys, epiphanies, cold wars fought online with ex-girlfriends, and a good dose of self-sabotage. In the midst of all this, a single, obsessive question keeps coming back with haunting insistence – the only question worth asking: What is the meaning of life?

“I’ve discovered the meaning of life Patrick, why we are
here. It was always going to be an obvious answer!!”
“What is it?”
“Buy the book, Patrick…”
“Ah, go on tell me!”
“We’re here… to be human!”

Colm Michael O’Driscoll was born in 1971 in Ireland. He has had a passion for writing from an early age, developing a unique forthright style by composing multitudes of poems and scripts in his bedroom throughout his teenage years.
Working with the public, helped him empathise with the many of the masses who encounter difficulties that go unseen or unheard, whilst realising his own shortcomings.
He moved to Madrid in 2012, where he lives and works as an English Teacher.
He has published a well-received poetry book In the Latter Stages of Something Else (2012), and a novel Not Quite a Christmas Carol (2019).


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