My experience as a leader – George Moore

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My experience as a leader is the account of a series of lessons that the author has learned throughout his career as a leader. Starting from these same teachings lived in first person as leader in various areas, such as schools and local ecclesiastical associations, the author leads us to a series of reflections on the meaning and value of the concept of leadership itself.
He describes his role as a leader as a gift and the work done as guided directly by the scriptures. Each chapter analyzes a different thematic node and concludes with a teaching about the value and importance of carrying out a task with wisdom and humility.

George Moore is a servant of God, teacher of the Word, and passionate about encouraging others in the faith and inspiring them to live their purpose and dreams in life.
He has mostly been in leadership positions from his teen to now. And he has always been a reference as exemplary leader in the various positions he has served, respected among his family and peers for character and self-discipline.
He has served as the Youth Leader of his local church for about five years and is currently serving as the Board Chairman for the Youth Ministry of his church nation-wide.
He is a professional accountant and currently a Finance Manager for the institution he is working for. He has been in management position for four out of the six years he has been working since he graduated from the University. He is happily married and has a beautiful baby girl who is the joy at home. George is passionate about serving God, fulfilling purpose and inspiring others to live their purpose. He is also passionate about leadership and the transformation of his country into a developed world.



Book Launch – July the 15th, 2022 – Freetown, Sierra Leone (Flyer)


Book Launch – July the 15th, 2022 – Freetown, Sierra Leone (Post and Photo)


George Moore was live on Redeemer TV, Morning Coffee program. 8th July 2022. Follow the link to watch the interview within the program to hear him speak about his recent publication “My Experience as a Leader”

Salone Times – Article

Interview – RMN Morning Tea Tuesday (Facebook) 

3 reviews for My experience as a leader – George Moore

  1. 5 out of 5

    Juliana A Kamara

    I want to thank God for the life of Mr Moore and his lovely,Caring and virtuous woman Mrs George Moore who has been a supportive and hardworking woman.
    Seeing Mr Moore writing and sharing his experience as a leader is not a surprise to me, he has been a hardworking and peaceful leader who has faced a lot of challenges but he never give up. Mr Moore has being a role model and father to us.

    The book”My experience as a leader has been a blessing unto me.
    It teaches me to be Courageous, patient, hardworking and above all to put God first in everything i am doing.
    May God continues to give you grace and strength to makeJesus know worldwide.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Tamba Momoh

    Mr. Moore’s “My Experience as a leader” is an embodiment of a passionate expression of the what it takes to be a sound leader. It’s simple and explicit language, coupled with an emotional translation of his personal development as a person, shows how one’s environment can influence your future capabilities. His lessons on hard work, creativity, mentoring, good communication and the dependence on God are all expressly put as part of his experience in a leadership role. At the most basic level, our leaders today, especially those in Sierra Leone, struggle to go according to these fundamentals of leadership anywhere in the world. In this technological age, it is pertinent for our young generation to know that “the human touch” is irreplaceable in their development into adulthood. And, that it has the potential to help them transition to responsible citizens in the future. Moore has captured the most relevant elements of the rudiments of good leadership anywhere around the world. It’s a “must read” for leaders and young adults trying to cope with the vicissitudes of life. My rating: a Four Star ⭐

  3. 5 out of 5

    Joshua M Mansaray

    I recently have the opportunity to come across the book titled “My Leadership Experience – 21 Vital Lessons” by the author George Moore. I really appreciate the work of the writer, it was enlightening and impressive which makes me feel optimistic and motivated. His leadership ability, skills and experiences are worth emulating. The way he introduced every chapter is so unique, I love that part. The lessons were all rich and the ones that touched me the most are; Courage, Hard work, Communication, Allow God in your plan, Mentorship and Creativity. I enjoyed the style, arrangement and techniques of the writer, the work is indeed one in a millions. Once more, thanks and congrats to a prolific writer of our time for such an impressive work done.

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