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Set during revolutionary times in the enchanting little town of Boz, Mrs Palermo’s Cottage tells the story of Eva who, abandoned at birth, is cared for by Sisters at the Children’s Home.
As the years pass, Eva’s life changes forever after meeting Mrs Palermo, a lady who takes the girl under her wing and provides a home at her cottage on the edge of the forest. Eva’s initial fear of the dense woodland soon turns to respect as she learns to appreciate its beauty and significance to life all around.
When the mayor of Boz begins to chop down trees for profit, Eva’s innocence is exposed to a new breed of man, known as gangster capitalists, who have taken control of the council. The tranquil environment of Boz is shattered and everything is put up for sale, including society’s soul.
Mr Polka, old soldier and janitor at The Castle pub, loads his shotgun one more time, concerned that Eva’s inquisitive nature will pull her into dangerous territory.

Born in Hadlow, Kent, AR Parker has spent most of his life traveling the world on a rare sense of adventure and inspiration that comes from encountering different cultures.
Throughout his life, the author has been involved in teaching, tourism, and writing. He first went to Prague, Czechoslovakia during the unique early nineties, fascinated by the social and political changes that followed the 1989 revolution. After that, Parker moved to China and witnessed it change from a peasant-based communist system into an economic superpower. There followed a time in post-war Sarajevo, Bosnia, then a long period in Saudi Arabia, another country undergoing enormous social changes. Also a keen photographer, AR Parker currently resides in the Czech Republic.

1 review for MRS PALERMO’S COTTAGE – AR Parker

  1. 5 out of 5

    Erik and Catherine

    A well written book, heartedly recommended. Gangster capitalism well defined within a realistic background.

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