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ISBN 9791220109048

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After accidentally swallowing a mobile phone, William, a blue whale, and Reuben, an eco-lobster with one claw, receive an unexpected call from the owner, Clara. They discover why the phone is important and decide to return it personally.
With a thousand miles to swim in three days, the two friends are forced to navigate dangerous waters. Things quickly go from bad to worse as fierce storms, a hungry octopus and destructive bottom trawlers stand in their way. With time running out and Blackheart’s sea wolves hunting them, they will have to work together and face their fears to succeed, but even that might not be enough as the crew of the Hoeruhanta is waiting…

Iain Rigby, author of Frogs Don’t Quack, loves writing children’s books, which is a good job as he can’t dance and is terrible at solving fractions or anything with a strange sign written by aliens.
When he’s not creating new characters and bringing their story to life, he enjoys reading comics, building Lego projects and playing video games. Sticky out ears were a problem when he was younger, so as a teenager he grew his hair long to hide his Elvish heritage.
He also writes non-fiction, and his latest book, Traffic Light, is about living with depression from a young age.
He lives in the UK with his wife, two daughters and dog, Bailey, who stars in his own book and has become a bit of a diva. Iain says “a cup of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge cake solves almost any problem — except fractions!”.


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