MINDING MY BUSINESS – Wilson Simiyu Namaru

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ISBN 9791220148597

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A quotation expressing a strong willingness which is the core of this interesting book – MINDING My BUSINESS – Turning My Busyness into Business:- where the author, an influential speaker and coach with a solid background and expertise in multiple disciplines, helps us to activate tools for our self-development, through a fresh perspective; he has a magic gift to letting out from everyone a hidden potential that we ignore, which could transform our busyness into a thriving business. It’s time to flip the script and turn relentless hustle into a business that not only sustains but propels us towards our dreams. How? Discover in his reflections!

“Let’s have the courage to dream big and the will to bring our ideas to life.”

Wilson Simiyu Namaru is a Motivational and Transformational Speaker. He is a PhD fellow in Strategic Management at Moi University in Kenya.
Holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelors of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management from Kenyatta University, Higher National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from the Technical University of Kenya. Wilson is also a Human Resource Practitioner and a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management in Kenya.



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