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Language: English
ISBN 9791220148849

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Me, Saffron (My first year) is the story of Saffron, a female cocker spaniel, belonging to an English couple, who lives in France, moving between Paris and the depths of the countryside. She describes how she feels about both places, talks about her owners and the things she likes best. This is about her first year, but she still has a lot more to say.

After an exciting career in the legal departments of several international companies, which took David Greaves to Paris, Geneva, and back to Paris, he is now happily retired, along with his wife, in the South-West of France. He has three adult children, and four grandchildren, spread between Paris and Brazil.
Having originally intended to continue trying to clean up bad business practices, by offering consulting services in ethics and compliance, he instead found himself turning invented bedtime stories for his grandchildren into a book.
This book is an account of David and his wife’s first year with their adorable cocker spaniel puppy, Saffron, as told by Saffron herself.
Another book concerns a parrot called Rita, who escapes from her horrible owners in England and embarks on a journey back to Africa, where her parents had been captured.
If the books go well, David looks forward to replenishing his stocks of good Bordeaux wine and continuing with the adventures of Rita and Saffron.


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