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ISBN 9791220134125

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“Our journey begins with Max becoming a member of the Lisi family.
Their relationship of love and trust continued to grow as they travelled through Tuscany’s hills, forests, and beaches throughout the summer.
During this journey, we see the blossoming of a relationship that can only exist between a dog and its owner.
This book is written from the point of view of a lovely Jack Russell named Max. Although you feel you do not know Max, by the end of the first few pages, you will love him. There’s no doubt that this dog will steal your heart.
Through extreme empathy, the author puts herself in the shoes of her dog and sees the world through his eyes.
The story highlights the love between humans and dogs in general, a relationship that brightens the lives of people of all ages.”

Cate Trowbridge Lisi, originally from London, following rather a traditional education, started working in the fashion industry. Always a lover of Italy and all Italian (she regularly visited an aunt who lived in Florence as a child and teenager; in her early 20s she landed a plum job in design and development with a high street design company, and never looked back. Based in Florence she established an international career working with the US initially which, which opened her travel possibilities and led to trips to the Far East, Eastern Europe and southern America. All of which gave her a richer tapestry of personal experiences on which to draw for her writing. She married in Italy and has 2 children.


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