LETTERS TO A FRIEND – David Arumainayagam

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Pages: 490
Language: English
ISBN 9791220133067

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Letters to a Friend is a compilation of brief tales or ‘snapshots’ of the author’s life, loves, thoughts and dreams, captured in a series of letters to a friend.
It is a tribute to firm friendships, a philosophical review of life after divorce and cancer diagnosis, and a light-hearted examination of human relations and past events. Most importantly, it is an ode to Love in every form and expression.

“Hilarious. You are au naturalle. So you. So much of David in it. You digress, come to porn, and your timeline moves to the present fast. Beautiful. I love it. Love it love it. Roxanne and her perfect breasts to you nearly losing your virginity. Love your writing. Love the humour. Vidal Sassoon et al, and your nose is fine too”

“I loved it. It is fresh, sincere and I can almost feel it. You describe it in such a way that it is fun, and it gets you into the story. It reminded me of my 20s!”

“Congratulations – what a lovely piece of writing! What a massive achievement! Really enjoyed it and had quite a few laughs. So honest of you. Although at the end all I could see was a picture of you playing golf in your garden with your staff running around collecting the balls – what a life! BTW, can’t wait to read the whole thing”

David Arumainayagam is a British National of Indian origin, with an early childhood in the far-east, before being sent to England by his parents for secondary schooling and University.
He graduated with an Honours degree in Engineering and practiced for many years as a Chartered Engineer before embarking on an MBA and moved into general management, taking responsibility for running a major corporate in Zimbabwe. He subsequently formed his own company to undertake property development and management, a business which he still runs.
He has two daughters. They recently completed their university education and are now working in London.

3 reviews for LETTERS TO A FRIEND – David Arumainayagam

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wow! I don’t remember experiencing such a rush of emotions just by reading few pages of any book. The expression of passion, love and emotions went straight through me so that I can feel author story through me. Feelings of wow, I wish man loved me like this, although with sadness in his voice. At 1st I was a bit worried for main characters as one always like to have happy ending but then realised happy and satisfied can have different forms and shapes. It was journey through time, countries, places with details of atmosphere, feelings and sense of fashion. It didn’t stopped there as authors path was full of meet up, life, love and sexuality ☺️It surprisingly very honest and open letter of inner thoughts and desires without excuse and apologies but instead just being himself ❤️ Thought provoking story, thank you

  2. 5 out of 5


    I must express my admiration for your writing style. 
    It exudes sophistication and class while remaining refreshingly straightforward, adorned with just the right amount of wit. 
    It is a book that is unapologetically honest and fearless in sharing its narrative in its most authentic form. 
    It delves into various facets of life, from childhood reminiscences to matters of the heart, immersing you in the protagonist’s experiences. 
    This book evokes a spectrum of emotions, eliciting laughter, tears, and profound contemplation, thereby broadening your perspective. 
    It prompts introspection, compelling you to ponder what choices you would make if faced with similar circumstances, offering valuable life lessons along the way. 
    Despite my inclination to lose focus or forget details in lengthy tomes, this book captivates effortlessly with its simplicity and wit, painting vivid imagery in the mind’s eye.
    I eagerly anticipate any of your future literary endeavours.

  3. 5 out of 5


    David writes very visually. He takes you into his world of experience. You walk by the hand through the parts of his life that he describes. The words are chosen flawlessly. His prose – direct and captivating – allows me to touch the hand of the writer himself.

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