Last Days of June – Stephen Dean Paul

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Pages: 156
Language: English
ISBN 9791220150033

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Daily life changes drastically when Stephen’s mother, June is diagnosed with a terminal neurological condition. Take a journey with Stephen and June while they prepare to tackle the challenges and changes that terminal illness brings. Stephen brings the reader so close to the story that you’ll feel a part of the laughter, the tears, the fear, and the love. Moving through diagnosis, to caregiving and finally being in the room with Stephen and his mom when her life ends.
It’s an incredibly honest and moving story that opens discussions and reflections on medical assistance in dying and its potential legalization all over the world.
Whether you are healthy or sick, currently involved in a terminal illness or prone to thinking about the future then this book is for you.

Stephen Dean Paul was born in Newfoundland, Canada and raised in Toronto. After many years at sea, he now lives in Odense, Denmark. Stephen spent 15 years working as a Captain of large private yachts, frequently doing trans-oceanic voyages where danger was never too far away. It was only after coming ashore that he started holding hands with death. Bringing Alfred back from death’s door, the death of his father and then literally holding hands with his mother while she died. Stephen’s experience with terminal illness, caregiving, and death can clearly be found in his writing. After having several articles published in National Newspapers it was time to bring his experience and the Last Days of June to you.


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