Jonny Jenson and the Last Pharaoh – Richard D. Bateson

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Pages: 161
Language: English
ISBN 9791220110358

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Jonny Jenson and the Last Pharaoh, an amazing fantasy story whose central focus is the Extreme X Cup, the known Galaxy’s most coveted action sports event with more than one trillion spectators spread across the Outer Rim. Ace schoolboy surfer Jonny Jenson from St. Ives, an insignificant village on a virtually unknown carbon-burning planet called Earth is tricked into participating by the amicable rogue Rex Rogers. Rex Rogers, a notorious adventurer, has racked up huge gambling debts with Rama, an ancient Egyptian who runs the Thebes Mega Hillton hotel and casino franchise. Rama after 3000 years is fed up with being a general hotel manager and wishes no less than absolute Galactic domination. With his inheritance — the statue of Hoth — Rama will become supreme Galactic Pharaoh. Only Jonny Jenson and Rex Rogers, by completing the Extreme X cup, can stop the enslavement of the population of the Outer Rim.

Hoth felt the child had ambition and desire for power. He was a good candidate. Although deep down the conversation felt somewhat familiar. He could not remember. Had he been here before?

Richard D. Bateson has a PhD in physics from Cambridge University. He has worked at CERN (the European particle physics research centre) and at the London Centre of Nanotechnology. He is the inventor of the Causal Net Approach to Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and is an expert in AI algorithms. Richard has four children, a dog called Baxter, a cat called Benny and lives in Surrey, UK.

1 review for Jonny Jenson and the Last Pharaoh – Richard D. Bateson

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rafe Eddington

    Jonny Jenson rollercoaster, epic adventure – kept me very entertained. An extreme sports event … luging down mountains, surfing on waterworlds, jet packing down canyons filled with dangerous reptiles. Throughly enjoyed reading Richard Bateson’s first novel. Would highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi.

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