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The dream and purpose of this book and his path until today is to help anyone who has a dream and is currently feeling lost, or hopeless, create ideas that he or she is not achieving these dreams and goals due to not having the background, and conditions that the author calls Failure, having plenty of his own to share, but has such a higher and clear why behind this person, why he wants this goal, why it’s important not just for him but many, immediately invalidates any reason behind why he can’t and believes one day it is possible and all starts, continues and finishes in them, what the author calls Success.
Bruno does not believe there is a secret to achieving your goals and dreams. Only with hard work, dedication, consistency, perseverance and belief someone can achieve whatever dream a person has. How distant it might feel right now is not important since everything is a beginning but focus on what you want to be, what you will have, give to others and one day help someone to achieve what was a dream for you and a dream for them now.
It is hard to understand in life that sometimes no matter how hard you will try, how prepared you can be for this attempt to achieve your goals you still might fail.
Every time you fail it’s painful, it causes sadness, stress, and all the negative feelings that make one person quit and become a failure. This book wants to make you love this process and next time the outcome goes the way you expected, you know youare one step closer and one step wiser to manifest what once was in your head into the world.

Bruno Miguel Lourenco Ricardo, was born in Lisbon, Portugal. His childhood was obscure, but even in the darkest moments his mother was always his light.
The author had tremendous obstacles along the way but she never left his side, he had many hopeless moments but she always gave him the hope and support to continue fighting for his dream of becoming a writer and motivational speaker.
After spending two years in France and having overcome tremendous difficulties he travelled to the Czech Republic where he found a job at the greatest IT company in the world. Bruno conquered Brno became a manager in his company and stayedthere for a while.
Finally he left for Prague, but after two years he decided again to move to Malta where he got a successful job.


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