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We are pleased to present to our European readers “In The American Grain”. This anthology is a fine selection of the best contemporary American poets, who have won the most important awards of the American literary critics in recent years. Among the poems collected in this anthology, you will have the chance to read the verses of illustrious authors such as Peter Balakian, Forrest Gander, Rae Armantrout and Vijay Sheshadri, winners of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. Present as well, several other authors recognised by the critics of the Walt Witman Award, Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize, Griffin Poetry Prize and the Young People’s Poet Laureate. It is an important opportunity for us to bring the best of American poetry to European readers, something not too well known to the wide readership in Europe.
We therefore invite our readers to surprise themselves and discover new verses, through the purest example of an art that is deeply alive in the USA, flowing impetuously through American veins.


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