ILSE – Eva Van Baar

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Like all kids her age, Ilse van Elewijk tries her best to survive the jungle of her teenage years, although sometimes it doesn’t matter how much she tries, she can’t seem to fit in some places. Then, one day, she accidentally finds an old box containing some papers and diaries, all belonging to Alice Scholten, a girl her age, who happened to live in the house many years before her. By reading Alice’s old diaries, Ilse immediately understands that something deep links her to the unknown Alice as they seem to share a “sixth sense” as well as other things that, so far, Ilse tagged as simple “oddities”. This discovery comforts Ilse and makes her so bold as to go searching for Alice, now an old lady. From the moment they met, nothing will be the same for Ilse, as thanks to Alice, she finds she is a psychic, a useful gift but that needs to be understood first; something that requires both motivation and a deep knowledge of her own strength…

Eva Van Baar is the pseudonym of the acclaimed author of “Alter Ego,” “Nothing Outside You,” and “There’s a Message for You”. In 2015, she was nominated for the Nobel Prize for her book “Ilse”. For her stories, Eva Van Baar gets inspiration from her everyday life. She’s been writing for a long time, the act of writing has been with her since her kids were little, and she used to record everything to keep track of the events. She decided to write ‘Ilse’, because there was little in the field of esotericism for young people. She currently lives surrounded by the love of her family and her cats, Noefje and Akila.


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