HUMANS SHALL BE FREE – Nnamso Okon Ekpenyong

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Pages: 325
Language: English
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HUMANS SHALL BE FREE compares how the gods peck at humans as they scramble for human souls with how men trample upon women as women compete for men’s attention : a physical model evincing spirituality in action.
The main characters, Rose and Rhahaab, in spite of their beauty suffer at the hands of men and are victims of prejudice towards women – an instantiation of the subjection of humanity to cosmic forcesby men treading on and crushing women.
Rose, a sixteen-year-old of uncommon beauty, turns out to be, as fate would have it, the seventh wife of a rich old man. Frustrated and unhappy with her life as she faces sexual starvation and strife, she turns to infidelity, suffers blackmail and ends up divorced. At this point, she resorts to paying men back in their own coins. Another pawn of fate, Rhahaab, as is her portion becomes the mother of a child without a father. She faces the problems of Paternity fraud, single motherhood, and litigations – all to make known the deeds (pre-arrangement), and evince the manipulations of the spirit-kind.
Down the line, it dawns on Rose and Rhahaab that, like the inevitability of death, their exploitation by men is their fate, that women are made for men, they desire men and the protection that comes from serving a husband as testimony witnessing humans’ need for protection that stems from serving God.

Nnamso Okon Ekpenyong is an author of Nigerian origins. He is a family physician and has studied and trained at the university of Ibadan. He is a father and a husband. He is also the Director of clinical  services at Golden Care Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. His previous work is ‘Women shall be free’.


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