HOMO, FIX OR NIX – Souwed Abdulmouti

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This interesting essay, developed with a philosophical approach, has the advantage of crossing and taking inspiration from various disciplines for the understanding of some very topical contemporary phenomena.
Analyzing some authors of classical Western philosophy and comparing them with other thinkers from other geographical areas (among them some intellectuals of Islamic current), the author confronts the reader with a great reflection on how we see the world today, often influenced by the powerful communication weapon represented by the WEB.
Through the use of simple examples, it will be almost natural to understand that phenomena such as extremism (described as a blatant phenomenon against the difficulties of life and the problems of societies), common sense, justice, populism are innate in man’s ability to relate to each other, emerging in a sort of sense a common destiny of human beings.

Souwed Abdulmouti was born in 1943 in a traditional, modest environment in thinking and behavior region and hometown, Homs (Syria). His father died early because of diabetic issue. Primary school was mostly a failure, the neighborhood where he lived in his childhood had two mosques, and during the summer he used to enter them to drink cold water from naturally cooled clay pots.
Some books of philosophy opened up his life path of thought while he was in junior high school.
At the end of middle school, he moved to Damascus, until the end of his university level, then he set out to France where he obtained a Doctorate in Islamic Philosophy Studies, (Dialectic – Al Tawhid), at Sorbonne University, Maitrise in Comparative Philosophy, at Nancy University France 1972, has Bachelor of Arts (Social studies/Philosophy) in Damascus University.
Working outside Syria from 1981 until retirement age.
His career can be divided into two steps:
– in charge of making textbooks for secondary school on philosophic matter
– as a University professor of humanities.
These two mentioned points developed his strong idea consisting on teaching Critical
Thinking matters.


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