HELLO TREE – Geo Louw Snr

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Hello Tree is a story of a man’s struggle with life in South Africa and his interaction with a Baobab tree.
Dealt many blows in life, he battles with his own shortcomings, as a father, friend and husband.
As he grows older, he has difficulty understanding the way the world has changed and how to cope with these changes. When unsure and in terror, he visits his tree; in it he finds his psychological safe place, he pours his heart out in conversations with the tree, searching for answers and vindication.
He ponders the mistakes he made, the decisions he has taken and the way his life has developed. He cares about his children, nature and the world. With a deep love and compassion for Africa and its peoples, he worries about the future and the deterioration of the continent.
Suffering from a severe inferiority complex, he contemplates ending everything.
He cries for help from his Baobab tree as both of them complete the cycles of life.

Geo Louw was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and grew up on a farm in the shadow of the Magalies mountain range in central South Africa.
He worked as a Financial Manager and troubleshooter in the corporate environments of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Geo Louw holds a deep love and passion for Africa and her peoples.
Having extensively travelled across the continent, his profound connection with Africa and its various tribes is evident in his writing.
Nowadays Geo is a devoted husband and a caring father to four children.


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