Healthy breakfast for busy and lazy – Sveta Redmayne

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To all the people, busy and lazy, who has come to understand the lovely part of the morning routine and want to enjoy cooking healthy breakfast at home, because it gives you energy and charges for the whole day. And most important, to understand the value of time. Plus, I collect the best tips on how to cook and keep the best form. Healthy habits are 100 % your responsibility and in your power.
After reading this book you will be able to consistently prepare the breakfast with a minimum amount of effort and while having fun. Dear reader, do not forget your life, happiness and health are in your own hands. Easy peasy. Kiss and hugs.

Sveta Redmayne loves morning, routine and breakfast and, she hopes that her book will inspire readers to love the morning and carefully prepare breakfast for themselves and their loves ones. Get into the habit of eating a morning meal with these healthy breakfasts with the minimum amount of time, designed to appeal to even the most habitual breakfast-skipper.
And it’s your job to fight for your happiness, set up your boundaries, choose your surroundings. What kind of food you eat and what you read as well, it is only your responsibility.
In the fall 2021 Sveta entered the magistracy at the faculty of Psychology. High Performance Predictable Cognitive Output. Also, she has been Certified Executive Coach (ICC, 2016), Magnifying Human Potential.
She has a Master of Finance and worked as a financial analyst in well-known International companied and banks. She has been visited over 35 different countries.


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