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Ghost marriage and widow inheritance is an attempt to enlighten the Christian communities in South Sudan in particular and the African Churches in general. It was written to challenge Church leaders, especially ministers, bishops and laity, to confront the formidable and most difficult Christian problems affecting the ministry of the word. These traditional pagan customs are a stumbling block to the spiritual growth of the Church and the transformation of communities. All African Traditional Religious rituals and customs are dominating the entire life of Christian Communities in South Sudan and Sudan. Many pastors and Church leaders are not aware of the danger of adopting pagan traditional customs to Church activities.
This book is very important because it introduces and discusses common issues facing the Church and its leaders. It alerts the Church and Christian communities of the rapid spread of destructive pagan tribal traditions and customs in the Church and its community.

Pastor Deng Atem Kuek is a former lecturer of public administration at Upper Nile University, a part-time lecturer at the Nile Theological College, a former director of the state’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and a former Vice Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Sudan. He has served in the Sudanese Evangelical Presbyterian Church since 1996, and was ordained as a pastor in January 1999 to serve the local church in the Gezira (Jazeera) region in central Sudan, and he served in the ethnics groups at Congregations of Omdurman (Nubia – Moro) in addition to his work with the Dinka and Nuer congregation. He also worked with the African Hope Education Center for Refugee Children in Cairo, Egypt.


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