FOR LOVE OF THE SACRED AWE – Rami Elias Kremesti

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For Love of the Sacred Awe is about a new way or the correct way of looking at beauty in the world. When you realize that this creation, of which we are part, is a work of Love of a highly intelligent Loving Being which believers call God or JHWH or Shiva, then you experience the sacred awe! Indeed, this is the very definition of beauty: something that has been created out of love. There are a lot of photographers and artists out there with lost souls. They try to be creative and odd to the point of being silly and superfluous, all because they have not realized the ultimate truth: there is a loving creator. As a real artist or photographer, you are participating in the creative process or witnessing and capturing the beauty of the Creation. There is a paradigm shift that happens when you photograph a nude woman with the eyes of a Believer vs. a lustful man seeking self-satisfaction. And God knows we have all experienced that strong physical pull of the lower chakras. When you look at the fascinating beauty and symbiosis that is part of Nature and all its creatures, and realize that all this was created for us human beings, the Crown of Creation, you become humble too… the knowledge behind it is too great to fathom. Living in such a higher spiritual state must be the goal of all human endeavour because anything less is just unfulfilled potential and misery.

Rami Elias Kremesti was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in December 1974. He came into the world in Phoenician Canaan, the ancient Land of Milk and Honey, where soon after his birth, the Lebanese civil war broke out. Growing up in a society wrecked by violence, hate and fear, the three blind children of ignorance, Rami was pushed to seek the Truth from a very young age. The physical fear of bombs creates in sensitive people – as Kazantzakis puts it – a disgust of superficial and fake things. His first love was Chemistry: it was the truth of the materialistic world to him. But his escape was the Mediterranean Sea where he went fishing as a teen. There were no spiritual role models or guides to inspire him in Lebanon. So, he fell for Nietzsche and the Existentialists. However, Nihilism was unsatisfactory, and men of science were a disappointment to him, so he kept on seeking and eventually discovered the poetry of Rumi. So, he started to see beauty in the world and experience the Sacred Awe. That is when he picked up a camera and started taking photos. Rami’s exile away from his homeland over the years brought him in contact with all kinds of people from all over the world, lots of savages or barbarians. He fell in love, experienced joy and depression and heart break innocently. All this was preparing him for the Ultimate Love in his Life: Love of the Creator or as the Sufis call it, Fana’a Fi’laah (Annihilation in God). He continues to express this Love through his writing, camera and Love of Nature. Rami keeps looking for living Saints to accompany his journey. His day job in the UK is as water treatment specialist. Protecting nature is his second calling.


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