Failed Artist: A potpourri of tales from the trenches… of life – Ron Connors

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Failed artist? How could that be? There are starving artists, those legends who supposedly sacrifice material well-being for the sake of art, but a “Failed Artist”? Is this an artist at failure? A failure in art? A failure at exhibiting all the trappings that make one appear to be an artist? A failure at life in general who wishes to be an artist?
Many, for whatever reason, set out to be artists but it is a rare individual who stays the course. Good sense and advice from well-meaning folks usually steer one away but, without romanticizing some sort of vow to poverty, some seek more in life than comfort and success. They seek art.
Art isn’t for the weak at heart nor those who fail to see failure as an option.
Failed Artist is a compilation of stories and quips from a man whose life has become an adventure in art as he ventures through a life that is often as abstract as any of his artwork. Is it art that imitates life, or…

Ron Connors was born in Great Falls, Montana in the United States. His earliest influences in art were his grandfather and father who were both inclined towards creativity and art. As he grew, he became very fond of many artists particularly, Charles M. Russell, the great cowboy artist, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso. His travels, mostly on a motorcycle, have influenced his art tremendously. The vivid
fact that “all things occur at their own speed”.
Ron has said, “I don’t paint to fill a space on a wall but rather to fill a space in a soul.” He believes that people who join his audience by acquiring his paintings become soul mates as they have something they will share for eternity.
Failed Artist: A potpourri of stories from the trenches… of life is his first published book.


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