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Ethnidnatism is humanity’s gateway to new world wisdom. In this book, you will see philosophy, mysticism, sociology, psychology, history, evolution, art, and many other fields as a single concept. This philosophical movement managed to fit all the values of humankind into a single hypothesis. You will see dualism from a different perspective.
By studying Ethnidnatism, you can achieve more success in your work, daily life, and international relations because Ethnidnatism will completely change the way you look at the world. You no longer have to look like others, you can represent your inner world as your identity. In the book, the basic principles of Ethnidnatism are discussed under 17 headings.

Aykhan Abdullayev, also known by his pen name Atasak, is the founder of Ethnidnatism philosophical stream. He spent a great portion of his life researching mysticism, religions, theology, cultures, folklore, nations, philosophies, the history of mankind, and other related fields. As a result, he decided to create his own philosophy for the peace of humanity.


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