ETERNAL HEREDITARY PRINCE – Ospanov Bolat Karimovich

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At midnight, as the eternal Crown Prince Bario, sleeping in his bedroom in the palace of Kilimanjo, with his left foot resting on his wife, Phyllaria, and his right arm around her breasts, the cry of an owl was heard outside the open window. Bario and his wife Phyllaria did not react to the owl’s cry and continued to sleep. Then the owl flew closer and sat on the stone fence of Kilimanjo’s palace and began to make a heart-rending cry, and to shit its white, poisonous droppings on the fence wall. Then the owl fluttered up several times, spreading its wings wide.

Ospanov Bolat Karimovich – generic origin – Naiman, writer, scientist, PhD, doctor of virology, teacher. Graduated from medical and pedagogical universities.
He has medical scientific articles and abstracts, scientific monographs and patents for inventions on especially dangerous viruses, he is a member of the American Society for Microbiology. Born in the village of Kokpekty, Semipalatinsk region, Republic of Kazakhstan.



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