ENEMIES OF MY FAMILY – John Ubachukwu Eziewena

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Pages: 434
Language: English
ISBN 9791220127233

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Enemies of my family explores the story of a family through the years, passing through different generations. The love between two brothers, George and Patrick, is challenged by Patrick’s decision to marry Linda. Overcome with envy and greed, Linda will repeatedly try to destroy the relationship between the two brothers and to obstruct George’s happiness and success. Her devilish plans will put at risk George’s happiness and family, but he will never lose faith in God.
The story is based on true life events, experienced in first person by the author during his youth. The book is a deep story that explores the most intimate parts of the souls and beliefs of the protagonists, depicting an incessant fight between good and evil.
Enemies of my family is a story that shows that people are not perfect and that their quest for perfection doesn’t justify their means.

John Ubachukwu Eziewena (also known as Prophet, Legatum of God, the Oracle of fire pass fire) comes from Oraukwu, in Idemili, North Local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria. The author attended the St. Joseph Primary School in Oraukwu for his primary education, the Flora Azikiwe Model Comprehensive Secondary School in Nneni for his secondary education, and also the Ave Maria Secondary School in Nnokwa where he completed his ‘O’ level Education. Later on, John Ubachukwu Eziewena completed his studies at the Kingdom institute in JESUS Technical thinking, self-development and advanced science.
The author considers himself to be a great force, an instrument of God, a progressive agent of change, a reformer and a transformer, and also a believer of fairness, equity and equal justice for all.

“I am nothing without God, and I am who I am today by the grace and love of God in my life.”
John Ubachukwu Eziewena


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