Dreamland – Matt Carbutt

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Pages: 374
Language: English
ISBN 9791220109635

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Arnold Joint is a middle-aged jovial detective working for the South Africa Police Department. For the last three years he’s been haunted by the unsolved murder of Samantha, his sister, and supported by his boss and colleagues he got by and tried to focus on other important cases. But the picture of his murdered sibling is unexpectedly and painfully brought up from his memory when the body of a young beautiful woman, along with her lover’s, is found exactly in the same condition as Samatha’s: a clean cut separating her head from her torso and the mysterious tattoo of a rose inked on her skin in a very intimate position. This time Detective Joint won’t stop until he finds the truth and will soon find himself entangled in a dangerous plot that involves so much more than he can imagine. When Nick Scott receives the call from a distraught Veronica Bings, the last thing he expects is to learn that his friend Mark, a pioneer in the development of Virtual Reality Software and Veronica’s husband, has been killed. But Nick, ex Major in the Royal Marines and founder of Executive Decision, an international security company, knows how to take the matter into his own hands and immediately starts digging into Mark’s murder, discovering the potential and the menace hidden in the depths of Virtual Reality, a parallel electronic world connecting every device with internet access. Matt Carbutt’s debut novel is an engaging, dark, layered thriller in which nothing is as it appears, a fast-paced intriguing spy story that will manage to captivate the lovers of this literary genre with every page.

Matt Carbutt was born in England and immigrated to South Africa at a very young age. He currently lives in Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa with his wife, his young daughter, and Justice, the family timber wolf. Over the years, due to his business commitments in the electronic security industry, Matt has travelled extensively throughout Africa, gaining invaluable knowledge and experiences from the mysterious African continent. When he isn’t writing you’ll find him sailing Moonshadow II or plotting his next novel. Dreamland, an adult thriller, is his debut novel.


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