DINE WITH THE KING – Ivelina Stoilova

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Pages: 38
Language: English
ISBN 9791220145701

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This book of poems is the poetess’ very first poetry collection, and it holds a really dear place in her heart. For the writing of it she was inspired by how she imagined a King’s realm and everything that lies within it looks like.
The poems that build this collection all contribute to creating the image of the King, by telling each time a different story about him. Poem after poem the figure of the King becomes more and more wide and unveiled, and the reader gets to live through this character’s figure.

I would like for this passion/talent of mine to never grow old and to keep being inspired by everything around me in order to fill in all the empty pages in my notebooks with poetry.

Ivelina Stoilova has been writing poetry in English since 2015, when she was in her early 20s. Even though she comes from a very different educational and professional background – in 2014 she graduated in Tourism in Krems, Austria – she has found that her passion for poetry is growing every day. She cherishes this talent and says it helps her look at the world from a different angle. She very much enjoys that people who have read her work liked it and confesses this to be a trigger for her decision to finally publish some of it. Until today her poetry includes over 600 poems and four poetry books.
Dine with the King is her first published poetry book, the others being “Nights in the theater’’, “When the saints go marching in”, “My Planet p.1-Sky to Earth”.


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