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Step into the male minds and the darkest sexual fetishes they hold, an insight into what truly goes on behind closed doors and the darkest sexual exploits of neighbours self-defined as the “normal” people next door. It peels back the lid for the first time on everything you ever wanted to know about the lives of those who have affairs, how they get caught, why men have to cheat, this novel reveals the confessions of those who worked in the red-light business, read their stories, learn their sexual tips and tricks. A fly on the wall, that offers to its readers a peculiar and complete narrative about some people and their incredible stories which range from the freakish to the perverse, all set in a little sphere which is that of Taxi Drivers, where abnormality became the normality, it was a candy store of sex, swinging, orgy’s, threesomes, blowjobs and hand jobs.
This is a tale of the not so conservative eighties as revealed by Dublin’s youngest taxi driver that chronicled twenty years of the mystifying and decedent lives of his passengers and his fellow taxi drivers.

4 reviews for CONFESSIONS OF A TAXI DRIVER – Tommy Dee

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wow! Belly Laughed, cried and got turned on, all from the one book. 50 shades of grey is 50 times milder than this book. I never knew a world like that existed particularly in Dublin. I was shocked at the way the author captured my interest instantly. I couldn’t put it down. Ive read it twice and still laughing. Will pass on to friends. Easy reading and some of the old expressions and sayings brought me back in time. Reminiscent of the movies The commitments, The Snapper and The van era.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Who knew the colourful and engrossing world of a Taxi Driver!
    This book ticks so many boxes and even one’s I didn’t know I needed ticked! The author transforms you to a world that will have you laughing, reeling in shock, flabbergasted and astounded by the antics of the characters in this book but without a doubt you will be seduced and intrigued by a world that was hidden behind closed doors back in the eighties.
    In fact, you will never get into another taxi again without wondering what the taxi driver is thinking about their passengers or indeed what the last passengers got up to!
    There are 2 characters in this book who I would love to meet, one is ‘The Fixer’ for his amazing foresight and intellect and the other is ‘Gorgeous George’ for obvious reasons, yes his personality and charm!
    This book had me griped from the start and I read the pages so fast that I had to reread the book again to take it all in. I cannot recommend this book enough as it is truly a MUST READ, trust me you will not be disappointed!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Definitely a book for women, it will shock you and make you laugh. Its about Dublin taxi drivers in the 80s and what they got up to. A real eye opener. The erotica parts will make you wishing you had met “Gorgeous George” in a taxi. 😉 50 shades of grey was tame in comparison.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Sonya Reddy

    Wow what a book. To think this was all going on around me in the 80s and I was innocent to all of it. Who knows, maybe I was even in one of the Taxis and didnt know. From the minute you start reading you wont put this book down. Its addictive, entertaining, raunchy, funny, eyeopening and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommend this book

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