COLLECTION OF STORIES – Iris Roxana Teodorescu

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Pages: 72
Language: English
ISBN 9791220148429

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Collection of Stories is a refined text that provides a thought-provoking exploration of time, weaving together philosophical insights, spiritual perspectives, and practical advice on how to navigate the finite yet profound nature of our existence.
Knowledge is considered the antidote to mental turmoil by the text, positioning ignorance and madness as diseases of the soul.
This narrative reflects the human tendency to disregard the intangible essence of time, leading to paradoxical scenarios where individuals waste time as if it were limitless. As a result, mindful living and intentional choices are essential for recognizing the finite nature of time and making the most of it.
It serves as a rallying call for readers to recognize the unchangeable aspects of themselves, make authentic choices, and take control of their lives. It challenges the notion of passively succumbing to external influences, urging individuals to be architects of their destiny. It’s a call to break free from the shackles of routine, automatism, and societal expectations in the pursuit of a more genuine and fulfilling existence.
This text concludes by encouraging us to seek out the light of knowledge, a journey that reveals our true nature, creates a reevaluation of priorities, and fosters compassion for those still trapped in illusions.
The stories collected here take us through European culture as well as Eastern spirituality in an approachable way, with a touch of poetry and real life experience.

Iris Roxana Teodorescu was born in Timișoara, România. She graduated (MA) from Universitatea de Vest Timisoara. Over the years, she worked as a teacher and translator in Stockholm, Sweden and România. She published short-stories and essays in literary magazines in România and the USA.


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