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Pages: 216
Language: English
ISBN 9791220129886

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While exploring Clare Island with his friends Tubs and Zara, Shane Donnegan is kidnapped. He wakes up as a prisoner of the Fomorians, an ancient people who colonised the West of Ireland thousands of years ago. Now they live in a secret underground kingdom – and intruders are sentenced to death!
Can Shane trust those Fomorians who claim they want to help him? Do his strange new abilities mean he’s a Fomorian himself? And most important of all, can he escape through the vast networks of underwater caves and tunnels alive?

Roddy O’Sullivan is a keen children’s writer. After a long career in medicine, he now devotes himself to lecturing and campaigning for the protection of the lakes, rivers and wildlife in his native Ireland. Roddy enjoys playing the guitar, fishing and birdwatching.
His lifelong interest in past civilisations was the inspiration behind this tale which tells of the unexpected meeting of today’s world and that of the ancients.


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