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ISBN 9791220143011

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Author AnB Love is as enigmatic and compelling a character as is her break-out novel. It’s a knotted tale about big game poaching, crooked politicians, international crime and (somewhat unexpectedly) an intimate look into the underbelly of the skin trade.
But don’t expect an “all guns blazing” kind of spectacle here.
This “circle with three corners” is a much more nuanced, an almost personal feeling, story.
Whether that is through fictionalised autobiography or just darn good writing we can only guess.
David Bristow, author and environmentalist

AnB Love, the mysterious author, finds her true expression in the realm of creativity, and in the domain  of suspense, thriller and romance, she aims to evoke  emotions and readers to “Feel the Words,” while blurring the boundaries between reality and vivid fiction.
Her narrative transcends mere fictional storytelling, she endeavours to shed light on real-life issues, exploring emotional and moral dilemmas while reflecting the multifaceted nature of the human experience.
Amid crafting novels and contributing to publications, AnB embarks on wild African adventures with her husband, indulging in the thrill of 4×4 off-roading.
Armed with their camera equipment, they capture the raw essence of untamed landscapes, immortalizing fleeting moments in time.


You think it’s real? It is REAL suspense. – YouTube



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