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Two children, Cheeky Pigeon, Cheeketta and Parrot Eagle travel together and learn lots of interesting facts about different cultures and lifestyles and discover wonderful sights such as The Las Vegas Strip, The Grand Canyon, The Taj Mahal in India, The Forbidden City in China and many many more!
The children and their feathered friends initially fly by magic on Parrot Eagles wings to visit their grandparents and then all of them set off on forty amazing adventures around the world, America, Europe, Africa, India and China!
They’re extremely brave and resourceful and even receive a medal for bravery from the President of The United States. On just three of the adventures they save people from going over a waterfall, foil an aeroplane hijack and even persuade a crocodile to stop eating meat!
It seems incredible, but their parents never get to find out as time stops when the children get on Parrot Eagles wings, so the adventures always remain a secret!!
Cheeky Pigeon is a book that can entertain everyone, kids and parents alike.
Not to be missed!



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