BLIND TO SEE THE DARKNESS – Vasileios Vasileiadis

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What is eros? Eros, a Greek term meaning “Love”, physical love but also the physical and carnal desire to possess the other, but how does all this come about? In Hesiod’s mythological poem, The Theogony, in which the history and genealogy of the Greek Gods are told, we read “So it was Chaos first, and then Gaia with a large chest, a safe home for everyone forever the immortals who hold the peaks of the snowy Olympus, and foggy Tartarus in the recesses of the earth from the wide roads, and then Eros, the most beautiful of the immortal gods, that breaks the limbs, and of all gods and all men tame the heart and wise counsel in the chest. From Chaos were born Erebo and black Nyx. From Nyx came Ether and Hemere that she gave birth conceived with Heresy united in love with reos”. In the second part of Genesis God, forms the first man from dust, places him in the Garden of Eden, man gives names to animals, thus affirming his authority in the divine creation, and God creates the first woman, Eve, shaping her from the body of man. Adam and Eve, the first men on earth free to commit sin, to fall into temptation, one of the great truths of the human being.

Vasileios (Vasilis) Vasileiadis was born on a Saturday, sometime, somewhere in Greece, but daily strives being a citizen of the world, 7 pounds and 0,87 ounces. Inflicted by the incurable syndrome of a never-ending adolescence, an unorthodox and impulsive mind that disrespected any “establishment” or “institute” capable of producing and selling certainties, realities, beliefs, fanaticism, fixated ideas etc. Breastfed until two-and-a-half-year-old he was nourished in an environment where the good nature of adequacy prevailed. He now weighs 242 pound and unfortunately the effects of his “syndrome” have irrevocably and tragically deteriorated. He considers himself “creatively anti-systemic”. He strongly believes that the academic systematic education has nothing to do with cultivation. Despite this beliefs, he studied Medicin at the Freie Universitaet Berlin (Germany). Along with his medical studies, he took sociological courses as well. He participated actively in the anti-psychiatric movement of that time and studied the sociological aspect of poetry. For 30 years now, with an indolent pace, with no trace of repentance and eccentric attitude he has surrendered to his passion of serving Poetry through “the minimum”- as he characterizes- the poetic structure. His first public exposure was during 1980-1981 with his poetry collection “Filthy and Dependent Nation” published by KATOS-EGNATIA. Much of his work has also been published by international literature and art journals (such as Lettre International, etc.)


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