BIBLE JOHN: A NEW SUSPECT – Jillian Bavin-Mizzi

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Pages: 306
Language: English
ISBN 9791220149785

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Cold cases are, by their very nature, historical and yet crime narrative non-fiction is almost always written by retired detectives, reporters and criminologists.
While genealogy is beginning to be recognised as a viable tool, there is so much more that historians have to offer. The author is convinced that historians can bring a different skill-set to cold case investigations, taking her on a hunt for a serial killer. In the case of Scotland’s Bible John murders, she goes back to events that happened decades ago, with an engaging and captivating writing style that ranges from historical reconstruction to interviews and analyzing hundreds of documents from an endless bibliography.
In the end, she offers a compelling and original theory.

Jillian Bavin-Mizzi – BA (Hons 1st), Dip Ed., PhD is an Australian historian writing cold-case narrative non-fiction. She worked as a lecturer at Murdoch University for nearly ten years, publishing a number of academic works in the field of late-nineteenth-century sexual assault cases. Over time, she became increasingly interested in cold cases and published a first true-crime book, The Wanda Beach Murders, in 2021.



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