BEFORE THE AGE OF 28 – Prachurya Bharadwaj

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Pages: 355
Language: English
ISBN 9791220130394

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The name Prachurya means Goddess of wealth in ancient Sanskrit. True to that meaning, Prachurya Bharadwaj the author, has accumulated herself an ocean of experiences, that very few 28-year-olds would fathom.
She didn’t just stop at one post-graduate degree in engineering but pursued another one, then some more professional courses after that. At 21, when she went abroad to study, she found internship opportunities in one country, created a start-up in another followed by full-time positions, then again in another country where she bought her first house. This book is a story of her defeating all odds, taking proactive measures, rising above those who thought too little of her, healing herself of continuous traumas stacked over the ones from her childhood.
Today she works in the Netherlands as a technical lead for development of unique technology, that should ascertain the leadership of ASML in the semiconductor industry. This exciting read is only a part of her story, going from the age of around 7 until 28, when she perceived that this was the pinnacle of her success.
Her upcoming books will contain the story of what happens after that epitome of success. You guessed it right. She keeps achieving more.


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