BATTLE-CRIES – Robin Hawkins

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This broad collection of songs, humour, poems, prayers and monologues came about because something in me got stirred up, and with that stirring came the desire to put pen to paper! It might have been a talk that resonated in me, or a snippet of conversation. That dear elderly lady complaining to the minister on the way-out of the meeting about all these new-fangled songs in the service – will never know what she inspired with, “It’s Our Church”!
I’ve found that God has a wonderful sense of humour. Psalm2:4 says, The One enthroned in heaven laughs! He must smile at some of the situations we get up to in church life – and probably weeps at others! I’m still on a journey with this; but my hope is that these poems and songs will encourage you as you read them and listen to them online. The accompanying website must make this book rare, if not unique!
Robin Hawkins

Robin Hawkins was born in 1949 in Norfolk. From an early age he tried his hand at poetry; but it wasn’t until he was 16 and got his hands on a guitar that he started wanting to write songs. He was educated at Pangbourne College; but soon after leaving the college, Robin survived a serious car accident, after which he finally saw the error of his ways and became a follower of Jesus Christ. He went on to study Electrical Engineering, but it was through the prayer of a friend that he received the gift of songwriting.
Soon after that prayer, Robin wrote the first of many songs and poems he has written over the years that followed. In 1976, Robin moved to East London where he met his future wife, Julie, a former classical singer. For the next seven years, they enjoyed a music ministry together throughout the UK and abroad. It was towards the end of that 7yrs that Robin felt called to Christian ministry, a vocation which he has followed for the last 36yrs.



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