BARA The hidden mystery of Genesis 1, BOOK 1 – Metanoia

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Bara Cohen grew up in a non-practicing Jewish home, was a child prodigy with an unusual love of plants, but now, at the age of twenty-one, is the youngest professor of physics at Yale University in America, and a bordering atheist. And yet, Bara wanted to believe that there is more to life than mere scientific facts. Facts, he knew, which often must be adjusted as new discoveries are made.
At the age of fourteen Bara had an unexpected vision which made him fear for his sanity, but rather resulted in a change of studies, from botany to physics.
A call from Michael, an older friend who used to study botany with him, led to them going to Israel, where, in a most unusual manner, Bara came across a treasure buried in the side of a riverbank.
It was an ancient ring with an inscription in an archaic form of the already archaic Paleo-Hebrew on the inside. This ring with its unusual inscription would put Bara on an exhilarating journey discovering the amazing hidden mystery of the Story of Creation in Bereisheet of the Jewish Torah, or Genesis 1 in the Christian Holy Bible.
Thanks to the ring Bara found, he, together with Doctor Abdiel Ben-Ezra, a Messianic-Jew, and head of Archaeology at Jerusalem Museum, and later joined by Shesh Yamim, a student of Doctor Ben-Ezra, found a completely new way of looking at the Story of Creation, which left them breathtakingly stunned right from the start.
Bara’s name means “he (meaning the masculine God) created, or creating,” and Bara ended up where you never thought he’d be…!

Metanoia was born in 1959 in a hospital in Lichtenburg, South Africa, even though her parents stayed in a small town, Sannieshof, not far from Lichtenburg.
In 1994 she pleaded with God in tears to please teach her the Truth after serious errors in the Bible came to her attention and unbelievable as it may sound, God did teach her the Truth over a period of many years. Only at the end of 2022 did He open the door for this Truth to be made public.
She has three children and now stays with her fourth husband in Zeerust, South Africa.


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