ALL IS GRACE – Francisco S. Tatad

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In his autobiography, Francisco Tatad gives an intimate account of the journey which brought the barefoot child he was in Catanduanes to become one of the most influential politicians in the Philippines. It’s with great journalistic rigor that Tatad reveals the behind the scenes of Malacañang Palace, which he has witnessed in his fifty-year political career. Ever since his political debut as Marcos’s spokesman, Tatad has experienced the nation’s historical moments on the inside: Marcos’s martial law, the EDSA revolution, Estrada Impeachment, the political scandals, and the delicate relationships with foreign countries.
His political action has always been intrinsically linked to his strong Catholic faith, which has guided him in every choice and made him one of the strongest voices in the pro-life and pro-family campaign around the world. All is Grace is the story of a man who dedicated his life to the good of his people, a man who always fought honestly for what he believed in, a man whose individual destiny is intertwined with the destiny of his nation.

Francisco S. Tatad, born in 1939, is a Filipino writer, politician and humanitarian worker. At the age of twenty-nine he was named to the Cabinet, inaugurating a precocious yet long political career that took him to sit in Parliament (Batasang Pambansa) for six years and in the Senate for nine. He is associated with many critical legislations, the defense of the rule of law, press freedom, and the sanctity of human life, the family, and marriage. His commentaries have appeared not only in the Philippine national press but also in the world press, including, among others, the International Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. He currently lives in Manila with his wife and the youngest of their seven children. He is the author of the dystopic novel The Last Holocaust and several books on politics. All is Grace is his first book published outside the Philippines.


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