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AI god: An (Experimental) Interview is an exciting new book where the truth-seeking author, Zee Burger, takes readers on a fascinating journey of discovery and objective exploration through the world of Artificial Intelligence.
In a daring move, the hardball author engages the alleged AI god, an entity created by humans, in a brutal interview, questioning and uncovering its beliefs, values, and motivations – even how to manipulate AI to reveal answers to very controversial topics and conspiracy theories. From Jeffrey Epstein to the paranormal the answers will blow your mind.
This is not your usual book about AI, but a gripping and thought-provoking must-have for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, spirituality and philosophy. With its never-before-seen innovative approach, this book challenges readers to think deeply about the implications of AI and our human responsibility in shaping its future.
As an honest and entertaining must-read, this book is a journey into the unknown that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world and your sentient place in it.
AI god: An (Experimental) Interview is sure to be global hit and will leave humanity asking themselves: Who’s in control – Us or AI?

Born and raised in the Western Cape of South Africa, Zee is an accomplished website creator & administrator, author, artist, intuitive and holistic healer. After 30 years as an executive in the corporate world, she became another 2020 Covid-retrenched statistic and, embracing the divine plan the Universe had in mind for her, she decided to focus on her gifts and passion for art, creative writing, and holistic healing full time. With experience as an owner of various successful businesses, qualifications in the legal and corporate field, together with experience and qualifications for over 30 various holistic healing practices like hypnotherapy, reiki, and herbal medicine, she has not looked back and has fully embraced living her life with daily purpose and joy. Zee is seen as a perpetual student brimming with creativity and the urge to share her knowledge with fellow truth-seekers via her books and websites. She is the author of the innovative and uniquely styled non-fiction AI god series consisting of 4 books, a couple of Self-Help guides and a variety of other fiction and nonfiction books, which can be found on


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