AFTER YOU – A Collection of Words – Shruthi Srivatsan

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Pages: 160
Language: English
ISBN 9791220148856

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After YouA Collection of Words takes the reader on a journey of emotions and thoughts. A compilation with varied hues and shades, these verses tell the story of the powerful hold of love and the daily struggles faced in the aftermath of loss.
Here, you’ll find poems that capture a sense of chaotic despair interlaced with both a hopeful and hopeless sense of calm. The words have a relatable ebb and flow of feelings, a weaving of conflicting thoughts, and reflect uplifting or heartbreaking moments.
In this treasure trove, poetry continues to hold the world enthralled by its lyrical intensity and casual intimacy.

Shruthi Srivatsan was born, raised, and educated in Nairobi, Kenya. She studied and then pursued a career in IT for no fault of her own! She has been writing stories and poems for her own joy and comfort for many years. When she is not writing, she is likely to be cooking, dancing, singing, or doing something artsy.
Shruthi is the author of My IT Diaries: The joys and woes of a life in IT, On Higher Ground: Memories of a bike ride through Ladakh, and a collection of short stories, Flames of Hope. All her books are available on Kindle.


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