AFRICAN ORCHID – Ekolian Hamdan

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Pages: 188
Language: English
ISBN 9791220118460

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Rachel’s heart is taken; held entirely captive by stoic multi-billionaire, Sean-Michael Sage. Although they are complete opposites by stature, love happened to them as in a fairy-tale, unexpected, yet instinctive, and it burrows down to the core of their souls. It is the kind of love that happens once in a lifetime: Intense. Fervent. Obsessive. But unfortunately, it’s a forbidden affair that keeps tugging at her morals. She has found fervid love in him, and despite his prominence, the solace and authenticity he discovers within the depths of her obstinate heart is potent enough to coerce him into breaching his most sacred covenant. They are two ingenious souls, from two separate worlds, yet their irrepressible love for each other is undeniable. But can it survive Sage’s larger-than-life character? Will they find everlasting happiness?

Ekolian Hamdan writes to enthuse, but mostly to stimulate emotions and provoke thought. Her favorite food includes edible marula oil. She leads an ordinary lifestyle in this extraordinary world.



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