ADIGUN – Gbenga Sokefun

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Adigun is a sprawling saga that describes the experiences of two West African boys, Adigun and Chike, forced by different (though related) circumstances to spend their late teens and early adulthood in separate Western countries – one in the UK and the other in the US. From the sun-drenched, tropical paradise of the Nigerian town of Jobore, to London, Chicago, Washington, Amsterdam, and Maryland, they both struggle with self-discovery under the dual burdens of survival in foreign lands and contending with the pressures of their native cultures. Both stray to the edges of criminality. Both cross the line, each dealing with blurred moral lines in their distinct ways and end up reuniting with surprising answers to their questions about what is really important in life.
Both of the main characters face the fundamental challenges of becoming men under the extended shadows of their fathers. For Adigun, this challenge includes the psychological schism caused by trying to reconcile his loyalties to his biological father and his adoptive father.
Chike is determined to break free of his billionaire father’s control and build his legacy, reputation, and fortune. He breaks several rules to achieve his success until he discovers secrets about his father that bring him closer to the man, and ultimately back into his inheritance.

Gbenga Sokefun, is a multi-talented Nigerian-American author, lawyer and industrialist. In spite of his business and professional grounding, he has always gravitated toward the creatively inclined. Born in 1965 into a family of such creative people, Gbenga’s father, the late Remi Sokefun, was a pioneer broadcaster, with WNTV – Africa’s first TV station, and was Controller of Programs when television started in Lagos, Nigeria.
Gbenga’s mother was a diligent bilingual secretary, an ardent chorister and a lover of the church hymnal classics. Both parents were powerful influences in his thirst for creative expression.
Gbenga’s passion for law and writing triggered his interest in creative writing. Adigun is his first attempt at organizing his many stories into a full-fledged fiction novel. His style delivers a uniquely grounded work of fiction, painting fiction with a brush so real you can feel it.
In this book, he attempts to showcase the diverse nature of the Nigerian culture whilst addressing a terrible social plague, human trafficking. In the book, Adigun, he utilizes near-life characters and introduces scenes with breathtaking settings, Off work, he is an avid golfer, a sailor, a lover of animals and enjoys equestrian sports, particularly polo.


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