A SINFUL WORLD – Newton Phillip

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Pages: 587
Language: English
ISBN 9791220144582

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Today we find ourselves at a critical point in our history, looking at the myriad of problems and sins that we have committed and accumulated over the centuries. “A sinful world” explores this incredible journey, casting light on the processes and behaviours that led humanity until this crucial point. This awakening book will make the reader reflect, analysing years of human history. The consequences of our actions have an important impact on the environment and on basic human and social rights. This book scrutinizes the darker chapters of history, including slavery, colonialism, and genocides, to underscore the sins of the past that continue to shape our world today.
“A sinful world” challenges us to consider our future moves, underlining the urgency in addressing some modern issues and reminding us that the choices we make today will impact future generations and will shape the world of tomorrow.

Newton Phillip was born in Trinidad, West Indies and grew up in a Catholic orphanage where life wasn’t easy at all. Reaching the age of sixteen as it was with everyone else, he left the orphanage both with a job and somewhere to live which was provided by the orphanage as a start in life on one’s own. For four years the author struggled, drifting from job to job, acquiring no education, or skills. At the age of twenty he decided to join an old friend who had immigrated to England. The author started to work in a hotel before finding a job with British Telecom, where he remained until his retirement. Newton Phillip married at the age of twenty-eight and has three children.


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