A DOG’S LIFE IN ITALY – Amanda Susan Geddes

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Pages: 154
Language: English
ISBN 9791220138956

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Who is the dog in Italy?
It’s Tyson, the beloved pet dog to a family of different nationalities, speaking two languages so making him bilingual and they all live in the beautiful area of Massa Lubrense, near the famous town of Sorrento in the south of Italy.
Amanda, Tyson’s owner, tells the story from the point of view of her four-legged friend from when he is a little puppy, retracing his adventures and then the difficulties experienced during the pandemic period, accompanied by the presence in each chapter of images and photos. She tells us about the joys of having a pet, but also the responsibilities and commitments that having a dog requires.
So, if you are a young person asking your parents for a pet puppy, or if you are a parent whose child is wanting one, this story could be helpful to you.
After all, like Tyson, a pet becomes a member of the family and is for life.



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