WOMEN & MEN – Ananta Vijay

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Pages: 384
Language: English
ISBN 9791220141932

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Ananta Vijay, relationship and education expert, works as a holistic psychologist, pedagogue, lecturer, and professional associate of more than 300 schools, institutions, centers of social services, societies, companies, and other educational and humanitarian organizations worldwide.
He manages the project Knowledge for life – Pandurang, his main objective is
passing on practical life knowledge, which contributes to forming healthy and sincere relationships with others as well as everything in existence.
By using practical examples and different stories, the book will elaborate on the
following subjects:
– why we are happy when women are happy and vice versa;
– how to feel and understand the needs of men and women;
– how to establish harmony in relationships with your partner, children, parents, coworkers…;
– explanations and depictions of female and male nature, psychology, mind, and intuition;
– the art of communication with a man that will encourage him to develop, listen, express himself and understand;
– the woman, lady, goddess – the type of woman a man cannot but treat nicely;
– what is the difference between a strong/dominant woman and a very intelligent/wise woman;
– when and why does a partner start running after others?
– knowledge of relationships, trust, faithfulness and the difference between naivety and goodness;
– how to attract a divine partner – a soulmate;
– how to raise a girl into a noble lady, how to raise a boy into an honest gentleman;
– secrets on developing authentic female and male traits, charm, and charisma;
– how to unlock all-attractive and healing qualities in yourself and others;
– How to experience real miracles as a result of that.


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