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Wisdom From Above The Clouds is a set of 66 daily meditations, each linked to a passage from the Bible. It is a true literary and religious work which is useful as a supplement to understand the Holy Scriptures with greater application to the various issues of daily life. The author passionately deals with everyday themes and life issues with a religious tone which provides us with explanations of them, going into the depths. It is a book that makes us reflect, page after page, in a touching heart felt manner that uses brevity very effectively.

Vincent A. Amos, a.k.a. D’Vinny is a servant of the Most High God. He was born in Miami, Florida and grew up in Georgia. His father was a high school biology teacher, and his mother was an elementary school principal. They reared him in a profound protestant home which had strong emphasis on Christianity. D’Vinny was instilled with the belief of service before self; and to give honor to God, family, and country. He has served his nation in the military and was noteworthy assigned as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division in the rank of captain. He holds two college degrees, is married with children, and has traveled to 5 continents, to over 30 states in US and over 20 countries around the world. Most of this book was written when he lived in Europe and the Middle East. D’Vinny retired as an Army lieutenant colonel from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey in year 2004. He believes that “Jesus The Christ”, is the Son Of The Living God, who is Savior Of The World due to His redemptive action on the cross, which removed all sins from all mankind who believes, have faith, loves, and follows Jesus. D’Vinny was guided by the Hand Of God to write this book of meditation, reflection, and reference. The primary objective is to help people come into a greater understanding with The Creator, by becoming closer to His Holy Word – The Bible. Always affectionately In Christ, Vincent A. Amos a.k.a. “D’Vinny”



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