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“I lived with you as long as I did and everything seemed to me without beginning and without end, do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand. I have the same feeling. I have a Modigliani feeling.”
“Why Modigliani?”
“Because he sought and achieved pure beauty, perfection.”
“The things that are valuable to me are not the same as those of others.”
“Everyone has the right to feel and choose what they want from everything.”
“Yes, that’s right. It’s everyone’s business.”
“Do you think they will like the book? Will they be interested in such a thing?”
“Surely. It’s a life experience in which all women can find themselves. And they are not few. Women are smart, most of them. Those who don’t really know are you and that’s how you lose the essential. Reading my book you could understand better. You would be closer to the source. If you miss that you don’t really see the divine in us.”
After saying all this she smiled convincingly, not pretending at all. They are women so complete, true, that creation itself wonders how this miracle succeeded.


Radu Salvan is a graduate of the Babes-Bolyai Faculty of Economics Studies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The author crossed a tumultuous youth filled with memorable experiments. He traveled a lot. Traveling being the ‘University of Knowledge’, as he says.
He himself is a character from the book, The Color of Heaven by Doru Davidovici.
His motto is inspired by Terentius’s Nothing Human is Alien to Me. The author’s reach is a large one that falls into the category of complete authors. He has published:
Fortunes and Journeys (Destine si calatorii) autobiography and memoirs, Bibu and Bea, a book for children, Time Without Time, meditative poems, and The Little Banker fiction book.


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