THYMUS THERAPY: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE – Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan And Prof. Dr. Michelle B.F. Wong

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This dense study conducted by Prof. Dr. Mike K.S. Chan and Prof. Dr. Michelle B.F. Wong, with the support of a professional team of researchers, highlights how important is to delve deeper into the study of the thymus gland which plays a crucial role in immune system health. As we read in the forewords the topics presented are the results of a collaboration between experts coming from various fields such as immunology, gerontology, regenerative medicine, and clinical practice. This comprehensive book can strengthen the communication and collaboration among these disciplines, fostering a more holistic approach to addressing age-related health challenges. Bioregenerative medicine in general, and Thymic regeneration therapies are an important part of the daily medical practice.
THYMUS THERAPY represents a pivotal study and another scientific milestone that puts once again Prof. Chan and his Team at the forefront worldwide.

Prof. Dato Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, is a pioneer of Cellular, Organo and Cell Membrane Therapies in Europe and Asia since the early 1980’s. He founded one of the world’s largest research groups of Bio-Molecular Medicine based in Switzerland and Germany with a global presence in almost eighty countries. He has conducted more than 1,000 lectures, seminars, and symposiums worldwide in the fields of antiaging, cell regeneration, bio-regenerative medicine, and stemcell therapies. Author & co-author of numerous books and articles in the fields of cell therapy, immunology, bio-regenerative sciences, nutrition, and innovator of cellular based nutraceuticals & cosmeceuticals, Prof. Mike Chan is also the founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group—an International chain of research and treatment facilities (European Wellness Centers & Retreats) involved in anti-aging, longevity and education (European Wellness Academy). He chairs and also sits on board on numerous prominent antiaging and cell therapy associations of the world.

Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Michelle B.F. Wong, ND, PhD is a scientist, researcher and educator actively involved in research and development (R&D) work on stem cells focusing on Fetal Precursor Stem-Cell Therapy. She is the Co-Founder/Senior Technical Advisor and Researcher in FCTI Inc., specialising in Stem cell Research and Bio-Regenerative Medicine for more than three decades. A prominent speaker, Michelle Wong presents at educational programs and global conferences on stem cells, cell therapy and biological medicine for physicians and healthcare practitioners worldwide.


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