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Pages: 174
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ISBN 9791220145725

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The Horrific Secret of Westport House is the first book in Roddy O’Sullivan’s Fomorian Series, a trilogy for 10-14 year-olds, set in the West of Ireland.

Shane Donnegan spends virtually all his life in Australia before moving back to his native Westport. The 14-year-old is flabbergasted when he smashes his new school’s swimming records. He’s further gobsmacked that he can understand languages he’s never heard before. On a school trip to Westport House, he becomes strangely drawn to the surroundings and the weird activities of its billionaire owner, Lord Dunraven. Suspecting something seriously nasty is going on, Shane and friends sneak by night into Westport House Estate. Passing through fields of gigantic Venus fly-traps, they discover that Dunraven is secretly carrying out grotesque experiments − supposedly assisted by a prehistoric druid. Encountering deadly dangers, Shane learns that the unspeakable horrors within the Estate have disturbing links with his own dark past…

Roddy O’Sullivan is a keen children’s writer. After a long career in medicine, he now devotes himself to lecturing and campaigning for the protection of the lakes, rivers and wildlife of his native Ireland. Roddy enjoys playing the guitar, fishing and birdwatching.
His lifelong interest in past civilisations was the inspiration behind his adventure stories for younger readers which involve the unexpected meetings of today’s world with that of the ancients.


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