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New Beginnings is the first book of the series The Elements written by Emilis Navickas. The book proposes the experiences of seven teenagers whose lives are about to undergo a radical change. During an ordinary day, while walking on the beach with her friends Drake and John, Claudia’s attention was caught by three shiny gems lying in the sand.
Each of them decided to pick a gem, completely unaware that their lives were about to change. After a few moments, the three friends were blindsided by a bright light coming from the gems. Little did they know that this was the exact moment in which their lives were about to change. A new adventure made up of time traveling, parallel worlds, and superpowers was starting.

Emilis Navickas was born in Lithuania, Europe, on December 29th in 2004. He started writing at the age of 15 when he wrote his very first chapter. Since that day, he knew that writing was his calling because not only was he able to put into words his emotions and feelings, but he also wanted to invite readers into his realm of imagination. After completing his first book, he decided not to stop his story and start a new book series called The Elements.

1 review for THE ELEMENTS: NEW BEGINNINGS – Emilis Navickas

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sarunas Raudys

    Emil’s book gives meaning and direction. It stimulates the emergence of new ideas and new actions, I would say, as a reminder of the need to revise old ones.

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