THE ANTIVIRAL DIET – Simon Taylor-Robinson – Orli Rhodes Kendler – Ross Parker

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Since the most ancient human civilizations, it was clear that the best way to cure any illness is prevention. But where does prevention start? This required more time to be understood, as the science of medicine developed and humanity grasped the understanding of how our bodies work. Today we know without the shadow of a doubt that, first and foremost, prevention starts from what we eat and how we exercise our bodies, and, in theory, it’s not hard to understand how to be healthy. We just have to eat fruit and go jogging, right? Well, not exactly. And looking for more detailed advice is not as simple as it seems. In the internet era, having access to every imaginable kind of information is not only easy but often taken for granted. But, in an endless amount of unfiltered ideas, it can be hard to discern which voice to listen to. It is for this reason that a gastroenterologist, a dietician, and a ballet dancer combined their collective knowledge to come up with a book that explains how the body works and what is essential in taking care of our well-being. In The Antiviral Diet, what food is healthy is thoroughly and concretely explained. What naturally antiviral foods are available are explored – this is an essential aspect of nutrition in the age of COVID-19 and to prevent diseases – and the book examines how keeping as fit as possible can help the immune system combat viral illnesses more easily.
Thanks to a professional and direct dialogue with the readers, the authors merge the theory on antiviral foods with easy, healthy, and tasty food recipes, providing a scientific and yet spontaneous and creative approach to the subject. This kind of insight with the addition of simple exercises which can be tailored for all is what makes this book a reliable and complete guide to a healthy lifestyle in this uncertain age.

Simon Taylor-Robinson is a medical doctor and trained as a gastroenterologist and hepatologist (an expert on the workings and diseases of the bowel and liver). He was appointed Professor of Translational Medicine at Imperial College London in 2007 and has many clinical and research projects, not only in the United Kingdom, but in a variety of countries, both in Africa and Asia, from Bangladesh to Nigeria. He is an expert on viral illnesses that affect the liver. He is keen on explaining how the body works in health and disease.

Orli Rhodes Kendler is a registered dietician who practices in London ( She is passionate about food education and about coaching people to overcome their dietary problems. Her specific interests are food intolerances, such as gluten, lactose and fructose intolerances, which are steadily becoming more prevalent in an era of processed, fast food. She is an advocate of simple home cooking and believes that there are only a few key culinary tricks that needed to equip the average person for a healthy lifestyle.

Ross Parker trained as a ballet dancer and had a long career in dance. He has remained physically very fit since retiring from the profession and in this book, he shares simple exercises that can be done in the home to maintain body flexibility, strength and suppleness without the need for going to a gym. He is an advocate of daily, achievable exercise for all.


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